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Earth Week – Family Birding in Prescott & Flagstaff

What Join the fun in this inaugural Family Birding Earth Week! Witness and learn about the beauty of your local birds, spend quality time with loved ones, and be entered in a raffle for a chance to win awesome prizes! It’s easy, fun, free, accessible; all you need to do is go outside and pay

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Curious Avians: Do Birds Hold Funerals?

Interesting news from the avian world: birds display “cacaphonous aggregations” in response to finding one of their own deceased. In other words, they gather around the body of a deceased companion, oftentimes a noisy gathering. This begs the question: do birds hold funerals? This NPR story explores the recent publication that explains the science on

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Lost – Birdwatcher’s Life List and Field Guide

This morning I received a telephone call from a recent visitor to Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. Paul and his wife Sarah, from Michigan, were traveling in Arizona a week ago and stopped along their way to do some birdwatching at the Preserve. Paul’s call was to let us know that Sarah had lost her Peterson’s

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Birding at Watson Woods

During the past few months I have been “Birding” on several occasions with the Prescott Audubon Society (PAS) out at Watson Woods.  Many of you know that Watson Woods is officially designated as an Important Bird Area by PAS.  As one of the largest wetland/riparian areas in the area, Watson Woods provides numerous resources for

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