Earth Week – Family Birding in Prescott & Flagstaff


Join the fun in this inaugural Family Birding Earth Week! Witness and learn about the beauty of your local birds, spend quality time with loved ones, and be entered in a raffle for a chance to win awesome prizes!

It’s easy, fun, free, accessible; all you need to do is go outside and pay attention to our neighbors, the birds! You can do this in your own backyard, a city park, the woods, the lakes… anywhere. You can just take a one hour walk one day of the week, or you can go out every day!


This is a collaborative event led by Educational Expeditions with the support and participation of several groups and businesses, including Greater Prescott Outdoor, Audubon Society, Prescott College, Jay’s Bird Barn, Natural History Institute, Prescott Creeks, and Community Nature Center, among others. We will be providing free hard copies and downloadable bird identification booklets, as well as spread sheets, to document observed birds. Families are encouraged to submit pictures and drawings and share their experience in the event’s Facebook page. All participants who submit their log sheets will be entered in a raffle to win amazing nature related prizes!


Educational Expeditions Prescott
Alexander Yarborough, 928-600-7085

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