Prescott Creeks uses a ‘watershed approach’ to protect and restore riparian and stream systems.

In facilitating a Watershed Improvement Planning process for the Granite Creek Watershed, Prescott Creeks is working with a broad stakeholder group known as the Watershed Improvement Council. The collaborative planning process includes data gathering through Water Quality Monitoring, a Watershed Field Survey, and a Watershed Residents Survey. This data will be used to identify and prioritize Best Management Practices that can improve water quality and overall watershed health.

The Watershed Improvement Council has completed the revised Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP). The revised WIP, known as WIP 2.0, contains recommendations for watershed improvements and projects that will help improve the quality of Prescott’s waterways. Because local water quality issues are linked to urban and developed land uses in the Upper Granite Creek Watershed, the majority of solutions prescribed in the document focus on upgrading degraded storm-water and sewer infrastructure as well as retrofitting the landscape to allow for more green spaces and vegetation that mimic natural hydrology by filtering and absorbing storm-water, i.e. ‘green infrastructure’ (GI).

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