Prescott Creeks – Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of Prescott Creeks is to achieve healthy watersheds and clean waters in central Arizona for the benefit of people and wildlife through protection, restoration, education, and advocacy.


Prescott Creeks vision is for a central Arizona with healthy watersheds and clean waters, including water suitable for swimming in the creeks and lakes of the Granite Creek Watershed.


Prescott Creeks values leadership that promotes a healthy watershed through coalition building and networking. We value empowerment of citizens to make our community a better place to live. We value community responsibility for the health of our watershed. We value accountability to regulations, policies, and procedures that protect our waters. We value respect for our waterways to protect the right of people and wildlife to clean waters.

Core Values:

    • We are committed to protecting and restoring our waters (creeks, rivers, and lakes) and the wetlands and watersheds which support them, to provide habitat for plants and animals, critical green areas, and corridors for resident and migrating wildlife.
    • We believe that it is in the best interest of people and wildlife to achieve the highest level of water quality possible.
    • We value the right of all citizens to enjoy a clean and beautiful environment.
    • We believe that our waters and watersheds are extremely important ecologically, aesthetically, and economically.
    • We value the roles of both citizens and elected officials in serving as stewards and guardians of our waters so that these assets may be protected in perpetuity.
    • We are committed to ensuring that elected officials and other policy-makers enact and enforce appropriate regulations, policies, and procedures to protect waters and their watersheds.
    • We believe that our leadership role through coalition-building and networking will empower citizens to protect water quality and watersheds, making our communities better places in which to live.
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