Prescott Creeks is supported by a passionate community of volunteers. We couldn’t do it without them. Celebrate the watershed and its many creeks and lakes by volunteering and lending a hand. Contributing your time to one of the many exciting creek-related projects can be satisfying and helps achieve healthy watersheds and clean waters in central Arizona.

Periodic Volunteer Opportunities

  • Weekly Conservation Projects
    Thursdays 8 – 10 AM* (New time to beat the heat!)
    (Individual group members may elect to work past 10 AM)
    – Meet in front of the Prescott Creeks office
  • Monthly Conservation Projects
    1st Saturday of each month. 8:30 AM – Noon*
    Meet in front of the Prescott Creeks office

*Inclement weather forecasts may result in cancellation – Please call the office at (928) 445-5669 to confirm.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

  • Phenology Monitoring
    Contribute to citizen-science by helping study the seasonal changes of plants at Watson Woods Riparian Preserve’s two Phenology Trails. This work also contributes to the National Phenology Network’s nationwide efforts to monitor climate change and its impacts. Contact Prescott Creeks to learn more…
  • Administrative Assistant
    This ‘behind the scenes’ position is key to the mission of Prescott Creeks. Keeping the office running smoothly is an important part of achieving healthy watersheds.
    More info…
  • Social Media Assistant
    There are so many stories to tell about Prescott Creeks Connecting Community. Help get the word out and make even more connections between Prescott Creeks and the community. More info…
  • Website/Database Tech
    We do all our own stunts, but not always intentionally. Some tech-savvy at-the-ready would be really helpful. More info…
  • Handy-Helper
    A trusted advisor recently said: “You can’t be good at everything…” With that in mind, someone who knows their way around tools an array of projects higher up on the “to do” list. More info… 
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Volunteer Application

Please complete the form below to let Prescott Creeks know about your volunteer interests and availability. If you’d like to provide us with additional information not included below, you can send a resume by replying to the the confirmation email you should receive after submitting the form below.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Prescott Creeks!

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