Lost – Birdwatcher’s Life List and Field Guide

This morning I received a telephone call from a recent visitor to Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. Paul and his wife Sarah, from Michigan, were traveling in Arizona a week ago and stopped along their way to do some birdwatching at the Preserve. Paul’s call was to let us know that Sarah had lost her Peterson’s Field Guide – Birds West of the Rockies and to inquire if, by chance, anyone had turned it in to Prescott Creeks. He went on to share with me that it was not just a lost book, but that it contained additional, personal information. Sarah’s email to me later stated:

“This book contains my life list from my trips to the west (I live in Michigan) since 1996. It was bad enough losing the book, but losing the life list is irreplacable. Of course I did not have my name and phone number written in the book, a mistake I will rectify if I ever get it back.  The book also had two National Monument stamps from Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well which I had visited the day before. I hope anyone that finds the book will turn it in [to Prescott Creeks].”

Unfortunately, I was not able to report that we had Sarah’s field guide or life-list in hand. Both the field guide and list were lost on Wednesday, August 29th. Can you help? Please contact Prescott Creeks at (928) 445-5669 or email us if you might be able to help.


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