Illicit Discharge Incident Report Form

Thank you for reporting an illicit discharge incident in the Prescott area.

An illicit discharge can be viewed as any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of stormwater. This means that anything other than simply the water that falls from the sky may be an illicit discharge. There are many hazardous household products, lawn care products, fertilizers, pet waste, car soaps, and automotive fluids that turn what should only be stormwater into an illicit discharge that pollutes and degrades local water quality. Learn more…

Once we’ve received your report, we will work with the appropriate regulatory agency to address the issue. While Prescott Creeks does have a vested interest in local water quality, Prescott Creeks is not a regulatory agency. This form is intended to inform Prescott Creeks, our regulatory partners, and the public of illicit discharges related to local water quality.

We appreciate your interest in local water quality issues and thank you for taking the time to submit the following report. Please provide as much information as possible, including your contact information, so that we can provide follow up as relevant.


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