In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program

Program Information

In-Lieu Fee (ILF) Mitigation represents a component of Prescott Creeks’ on-going wetland and riparian conservation work.

Watson Woods Riparian Preserve is part of the Prescott Creeks In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program that provides mitigation credits to permittees that cause unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional waters under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. As a part of the In-Lieu Fee program, USACE has directed Prescott Creeks to develop plans for the Preserve. Establishment of a site protection instrument, in the form of a conservation easement, is a required element of the plans and is currently under development with the City of Prescott.

Although our ILF Program has been in place since 2002, the Prescott Creeks program has evolved to comply with federal regulations. Part of program evolution required Prescott Creeks to prepare an Enabling Instrument which “established guidelines, responsibilities, and standards for the continued use, operation, and maintenance of the Program. The Program will be used for Compensatory Mitigation for (1) unavoidable Impacts to Waters of the U.S. that result from activities authorized under section 404 of the Clean Water Act or (2) completed enforcement actions under the auspices of section 404 of the Clean Water Act.” The Enabling Instrument was approved in 2013 and advance credit sales began.


Additional Info

For more information about the program or credit availability, please contact Prescott Creeks at (928) 445-5669.

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