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Cleanup Pre-Registration


Pre-Registration for the 2021 Granite Creek Cleanup is REQUIRED

for a COVID-Safe event.

Please complete the form below to Pre-Register for the 2021 Granite Creek Cleanup. Required Fields are marked with a red asterisks (*

Note that the max group size is 20 people. While not required, it will help us to know the first and last name of all the people in your group. Your 1st choice and 2nd choice of location to clean up are requests. We will do our best to get everyone as close as possible to one of requested locations.

Pre-Registration is now open.

2021 Cleanup Pre-Registration Form:

Prescott Creeks thanks its 2021 cooperating partners:
  • City of Prescott – Field and Facilities Services 
  • City of Prescott – Recreation Services
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