2023 Granite Creek Cleanup Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration is still OPEN

We’ve decided to give you a bit more time…

📷 by Jenny Wulf, The Children’s Garden

Pre-Registration for the 2023 Granite Creek Cleanup is Now Closed

Thank you for your interest in cleaning up Prescott’s creeks.
If you missed the deadline, we encourage you to clean up on your own at a location you care about.

Please complete the form below to Pre-Register for the 2023 Granite Creek Cleanup. Required Fields are marked with a red asterisks (*

Notes for completing your Pre-Registration:

Plan Ahead:
Review the requested information in the form below so you can have all your information together as you complete your Pre-Registration. Where do you want to go? Who will go with you? What size t-shirt(s) do you need for you and/or your group?

Cleanup Locations:
~50 locations are available from which to choose. Check out the Cleanup Location Map to help you select your 1st & 2nd choices of 2023 Cleanup locations. 

For the Cleanup, “Groups” can be as few as 1 person and as many as 20 people. Groups can be individuals, families, co-workers, neighbors, friends, or any assemblage of 1-20 people that you specify. Round them up from the Courthouse Plaza. 🤷‍♀️ It’s your call how you create your Group.

All pre-registered Cleanup participants receive an event t-shirt. We base our order on the info you provide. Please provide t-shirt sizes for each member of your group. (Limit of 1 t-shirt per group member.)

Complete the form below to Pre-Register for the Cleanup. (To Help Behind the Scenes click here.)

Pre-Registration is now closed for the Cleanup. Click here to Help Behind the Scenes.

📷 West Howland, 2016

2023 Cleanup Pre-Registration Form:

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Info for Pre-Registrants

Thanks for Pre-Registering for the Cleanup. It was required this year to help Prescott Creeks plan and implement a successful event for participants and the community. Required Pre-Registration also helps Prescott Creeks keep costs down by ordering only as many t-shirts as needed – one the the biggest event expenses.

You've Pre-Registered - What comes next?

After clicking the “Submit” button on the Pre-Registration form that was on this page, you should have received a Confirmation Email from [email protected]. (If you think you did not receive this email, please check your SPAM or Junk folder and add “@PrescottCreeks.org” to your Safe Sender List before contacting Prescott Creeks.) 

The Confirmation Email detailed all of the information you supplied in the form – information we will use to assign your group (of 1-20 people) to a cleanup location, order the size t-shirt(s) requested, and we will use the email address you supplied communicate with you by email before the event. 

Prescott Creeks will contact you by email the week before the event with important details about sign-in procedures, your assigned cleanup location, and other event information. 

If you have any questions about the status of your pre-registration, comments please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at (928) 445-5669.

Thank you for Pre-Registering for the Cleanup! We look forward to seeing you on April 22nd, 2023!

Pre-Registration Extended to April 6th

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2023 Cooperating Partners:
2023 Cooperating Partners:
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