2023 Cleanup Location Map

2024 Maps are being prepared now. 
Please use the map below to select your 1st and 2nd choice of Pre-Registration Cleanup Locations for you 2024 Pre-Registration

How to use this map:

(Chrome browser – other browsers may be different)

  1. Click on the map 
  2. Click on the Magnifying Glass tool to enlarge and use the cursor “Hand” to move map around and see different areas
  3. Match numbered creek locations to the table at bottom right of map (and below)
  4. Match location names to pick list in Pre-Registration form
  5. Click the X in the upper right of the tool bar or use the Esc key on your keyboard to exit the map image
1Acker Park Drainages – East
2Acker Park Drainages – West
3Aspen Creek (Upper)
4Aspen Creek (Lower)
5Banning Creek (FS Boundary to Granite Creek)
6Butte Creek (Upper) 
7Butte Creek (Middle)
8Butte Creek (Lower)
9Goldwater Lake (Shoreline)
10Government Canyon (Upper)
11Government Canyon (Middle)
12Government Canyon (Lower)
13Granite Creek (Hwy 89 to Ponderosa Park Rd)
14Granite Creek (Ponderosa Park Rd to White Spar Campground)
15Granite Creek (White Spar Campground to Haisley)
16Granite Creek (Haisley to White Spar @ Fire Station)
17Granite Creek (White Spar to Carleton)
18Granite Creek (Downtown – Carleton to Granite)
19Granite Creek Park (Granite to Montezuma bridge)
20Granite Creek Park (Montezuma bridge to 6th)
21Granite Creek (6th to Tribal Boundary)
24Granite Creek (Industrial Way)
25Granite Creek (in the Granite Dells – Below Watson Lake)
26North Fork of Granite Creek (Upper)
27North Fork of Granite Creek (Lower)
28Manzanita Creek (Upper)
29Manzanita Creek (Lower)
30Miller Creek (Upper)
31Miller Creek (Middle)
32Miller Creek (Lower)
33North Fork of Miller Creek (above Gail Gardner Way)
34North Fork of Miller Creek (Gail Gardner Way – Peace Ln)
35North Fork of Miller Creek (Peace Ln – Miller Creek)
36Peavine Trail (South)
37Peavine Trail (North)
38Watson Woods Riparian Preserve (South)
39Watson Woods Riparian Preserve (North)
40NOT AVAILABLE in 2024 – Watson Lake (Inlet)
41Watson Lake (East Shore)
42Watson Lake (West Shore)
43Watson Lake (North Boat Ramp)
44Willow Creek (Upper)
45Willow Creek (Middle)
46Willow Lake (Inlet)
47Willow Lake (Old Gravel Yard)
48Willow Lake (South Shore)
49Willow Lake (North Shore)
50Willow Creek (Below Willow Lake in Granite Dells)
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