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2021 Cleanup Info for Pre-Registrants

**Please review this page for important Cleanup information**

Thanks for your interest in participating in the 2021 Granite Creek Cleanup. After missing the 2020 Cleanup due to the pandemic, we are very excited to have 500 people pre-registered to participate!

Please read on for detailed information about how the event will run this year.

Saturday April 17th, 2021

Granite Creek Cleanup and COVID-19:

Prescott Creeks is committed to bring a COVID-Safe Cleanup to the community. While Governor Ducey relaxed COVID restrictions last month in March, Prescott Creeks is continuing with planned adaptations as described below. Cleanup COVID-Safe Adaptations include 1. Required Pre-Registration, 2. Drive-Up Contactless Sign-In, 3. Dispersed Outdoor Cleanup Locations, and 4. Limited Group Size. Additionally, Prescott Creeks is recommending that all participants Physically Distance and utilize the supplied masks while participating in the Granite Creek Cleanup.

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Welcome, Premier Sponsor:

Drive-Up Contactless Sign-In

This is a major change from previous Granite Creek Cleanup events. Please help us make this a smooth process by reviewing the procedure described below:

Before your arrive:

  1. Review the email sent to you announcing your Assigned Cleanup Location
  2. Review the Granite Creek Cleanup Guidelines, Location Map, and Index Map to become familiar with:
    • Where to go to Cleanup your assigned creek (or lake or trail)
    • Where you might park
    • Where to deposit trash when you are done
      (so the City crews can collect, weigh, and dispose of it)
  3. Communicate this information to your group so everyone knows where to go and what to do
    • If your group size requires multiple vehicles, make a plan to meet your group at your location
  4. Only the person who pre-registered for the Cleanup (OR their designee) should plan to drive to Granite Creek Park to sign-in and collect materials for their entire group between 8 AM and Noon on Saturday April 17th. (Since there are 100 pre-registered groups, one vehicle per group will keep things moving efficiently.)

When you arrive:

    1. Enter Granite Creek Park from 6th St. in Prescott to sign-in and collect materials for their entire group.
      • Sign-In is from 8 AM-Noon. NO EARLY ARRIVALS PLEASE.
    2. Traffic in the park will be 1-way. Please be patient as we have ~100 pre-registrants for 500 participants. Volunteer Flaggers
    3.  will be available to guide you.
        •  Starbucks will be serving coffee to pre-registered participants
    4. As you slowly approach the registration area hold up a sign the has the pre-registrant’s last name printed in large BOLD letters. A regular letter-sized page (8.5″ x 11″) would be best.
    5. Cleanup Volunteer Staff will see the name and retrieve the corresponding pre-registration packet (see below for packet contents).
    6. Roll down your window or pop your trunk and Cleanup Volunteer Staff will place your packet in the car and thank you for your participation.
    7. Once you have your packet, please slowly proceed out of the park to meet your group at your assigned Cleanup Location. 

What is in the Pre-Registration Packet?

Your pre-registration packet is essential to having a successful Granite Creek Cleanup experience. It contains:

    •  2021 Granite Creek Guidelines
        • Information about what to wear
        • What to cleanup and what to leave behind
        • The drop-off locations for collected trash
          • (Also emailed to the pre-registrant with hyperlinks to a web-map so that Siri or Alexa can help you get to the right place)
        • What do do with tires
        • How to handle camps you might encounter
        • Event timing
        • How to share photos with Prescott Creeks
        • Where to find Cleanup info on Social Media
        •  Sponsor & Partner Recognition – This event would not happen without our generous community sponsors and operational partners. We want you to know who they are so you can let them know you support the Granite Creek Cleanup too!
      • Cleanup Location Maps (we’re providing you two maps)
        • Location Map: The location map is the location to which you’ve been assigned.
          • It highlights the section of creek to which you’ve been assigned to Cleanup, start/end points, .25 mile markers, adjacent streets and roads, parking suggestions, and drop-off locations (if close by). If you need additional information about where your Cleanup Location is or how to get there, please refer to the Index Map on the other side of your Location Map.
        • Index Map: On the back of your Location Map, you’ll find an Index Map. The Index Map shows all of the Cleanup Locations that were available for the event this year. Cleanup Locations are identified on the Index Map with highlights and with Location Numbers,
      • Trash Bags – Blue, 1.5 mil, 33-gallon bags are provided this year
      • Cleanup T-shirts for each of your group members – in the sizes the pre-registrant specified
      • Face-Masks – surgical-style face-masks are provided for each group member
      • Hand-Sanitizer Cleaning up and be dirty business, so we’ve supplied each group with one or more small bottles of hand-sanitizer
      • Snack Bars for each group member
      • Family Birding Info – While cleaning up you might see some of the many birds dependent upon healthy creeks. We’d love to help you connect more and keep track of what you see. Or save this information and participate in other activities during Earth Week following the Cleanup.

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