Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup

Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup Wrap-Up Thank you! The Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup was an online campaign in May to connect people making a difference with creeks. The Virtual Cleanup kicked off in alignment with Giving Tuesday Now on May 5. It was a leap of faith and a first for Prescott Creeks to hold a Cleanup in this manner. Since so many of our community members were already out on the trails and waterways, through the Virtual event, we urged them to help. Many responded with what they saw and what items they picked up. We even had people from other states participate! Ten participants won prizes – like Jeremy Oxley (below with Executive Director Michael Byrd) who won the Tote-Bag prize package including a mug, logo cap, and t-shirt. OxleyByrd   Participants said it felt great to be useful during the Pandemic, and how grounding and calming it was to engage with the waterways. As a result of the campaign awareness of Prescott Creeks has peaked, and many followers interacted on social media. Check out the full list of winners below and view images on social media by searching #VirtualGraniteCreekCleanup and #PrescottCreeks. Our local creeks got the attention they deserved, despite the COVID-19 disruptions. Thank you! Save the Date for the rescheduled event:

Granite Creek Cleanup September 19th, 2020 | 9 AM – Noon Granite Creek Park

Virtual Cleanup Prize Winners:
  • Steve Simpson
  • Jo Ann Johnson
  • Jill Killeen
  • Jewel Moody
  • Suzette Conrardy
  • Sean P. Underhill
  • Lisa Rising
  • Nick Balik
  • Posey Nash
  • Jeremy Oxley
Thanks for making this Virtual Cleanup a success!
The Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup is an online campaign held throughout May (before our rescheduled Cleanup on September 19) where people can get outside and make a difference. You can help Prescott Creeks  by visiting local creeks and waterways, documenting conditions, and sharing the results. Annual cleanups have yielded an average of almost 3 tons of trash and debris. Almost 6,000 volunteers collected 48.7 tons over 13 years. Can’t get out in the field, but still want to be involved? Donate to make a difference. Complete the form or donate on our website to be entered in a weekly drawing to win a prize. Join us beginning on Tuesday May 5th in conjunction with the #GivingTuesdayNow global day of giving and unity. Come together locally to participate in a global wave of generosity, citizen engagement, action from business and philanthropy, and support for communities and nonprofits around the world. Keeping CDC recommendations for social and physical distancing in mind (groups of 10 or less with 6 foot spacing, and masks recommended), visit local creeks and waterways during the month of May. WHY: The Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup offers citizens and Prescott Creeks the unique opportunity to get outside during the COVID-19 crisis (that resulted in rescheduling of the Granite Creeks Cleanup September 19, 2020). A major challenge for Prescott Creeks is to identify areas most in need of attention during the Cleanup event. Volunteers during the Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup can walk the creeks and document conditions with photographs, videos, narrative descriptions, and stories. Share these with Prescott Creeks through our Facebook event Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup. You can support the Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup with a Donation of any amount. WHEN: The Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup begins on Tuesday May 5th 2020 and continues through May 31st. We chose May 5th as the kick-off day for the Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup because it coincides with #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving and unity created as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. WHERE: Prescott is unique in the semi-arid Southwest in that we have 9 creeks with approximately 60 linear miles of creeks and four lakes (reservoirs). We’ve identified 33 different locations in the Prescott area where you can access local creeks and lakes. Have a favorite place? Go there. Don’t know where to go? Check out the map and explore a new location. Do you live somewhere other than the Prescott area and still want to participate? Please do! Go to your local waterway and participate just as described below. The Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup is organized as part of #GivingTuesdayNow – a global effort. We welcome participation from anywhere! HOW TO PARTICIPATE:
  1. Get Outside with Purpose and Intention  to get to know and look for ways to care for your local waters.While out, please be sure to heed all signs, respect private property, and have a light footprint during your outing by following “Leave No Trace” principles. We don’t want this effort to result in any resource degradation. Due to COVID-19 there has been a massive spike in demand on public lands, both locally and nationally – June sized crowds have been seen in some areas as early as March.
  2. Collect Information that can help Prescott Creeks and Cleanup partners plan for the Granite Creek Cleanup in September. Do you see problems that need attention? Are there accumulations of trash that we should know about? -Take Photos & Videos: “A picture is worth a thousand words” is how the saying goes. Show us what you are seeing. -Take notes with narrative descriptions, and stories to help Prescott Creeks work toward improving conditions. -Post to social media and/or report in the form on the Prescott Creeks website.
  3. Collect Trash While not a primary goal of the Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup, you are welcome to collect trash as desired (bring your own gloves, bags, trash grabbers, etc.) and properly dispose of what you collect on your own (at home in your trash bin, for example). Please keep a record of how much you collect (bags, pounds, etc.) and report in the form on the Prescott Creeks website so that we can quantify results and enter you in the prize drawing.
  4. Like, Follow, and Share on Social Media In your posts use the tags #VirtualGraniteCreekCleanup and #PrescottCreeks

Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup – Prescott Creeks Facebook Event        

Please include the following information in your social media posts: – Date & Time – General Location – Creek Name (between this and that street) – Description: What are we seeing? What is your take? Why did you post it?

Complete the form on the Prescott Creeks website to be entered to win a prize.

Prize Drawings
  • Submitted forms and those who donated will be entered into a weekly drawing for three prizes (a t-shirt, mug, or hat) and one grand prize at the end of the event (a tote bag containing a t-shirt, mug, and hat!). Winners will be selected on or about the Monday following each week (5/11, 18, 25, and 6/1). Winners will be notified by email.
Thanks for supporting Prescott Creeks and the Virtual Granite Creek Cleanup! Please contact us with questions.
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