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Community support is a cornerstone of every Prescott Creeks accomplishment. Your contributions sustain important work at Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. After 25 years it is time to renew the lease agreement with the City of Prescott for future conservation of this valued community asset.

Major accomplishments to date at the Preserve include:

  • Fenced the Preserve to control access
  • Installed and Monitored Groundwater Wells
  • Drafted & Implemented a Management Plan
  • Inventoried Flora and Fauna
  • Monitored Site & Project Performance
  • Implemented Ecological Restoration projects
  • Managed Habitat Project & Invasive Species
  • Coordinated & Mitigated Public Infrastructure Projects:
    • Prescott Lakes Parkway & Hwy 89 Widening
    • Unisource Natural Gas Pipeline
    • Rosser & Sundog Sewer Mains

The year 2020 is of critical importance for nature protection, controlling pollution, and riparian wildlife.  New changes to the Clean Water Act threaten overall protection for Waters of the United States – especially waters in Arizona. The City of Prescott and Prescott Creeks are working together to establish long-term protection for the Preserve. A conservation easement will accompany the imminent renewal of the management lease, thereby ensuring the protection of the Preserve’s conservation values for all time.

Additional goals for the coming year include Phase II Restoration efforts in the Preserve, Prescott Creeks’ 14th presentation of the Granite Creek Cleanup, and ongoing water quality improvement projects with public and private stakeholders. The Miller Creek Public Restroom completed earlier this year is an example of creative partnerships coordinated by Prescott Creeks to ensure clean creeks.

The accomplishments and plans above represent effective planning, collaboration, and achievement of strategic goals. Donor contributions of $23,500 will augment unfunded portions of these projects. Make a difference now for future generations with your contribution of any amount!

Won’t you please include Prescott Creeks in your year-end tax-deductible contributions? Please use the form below to submit your gift securely online.

Thank you,


Michael Byrd
Executive Director


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Thank you for helping to achieve healthy watersheds and clean waters in central Arizona! We couldn’t do it without you.
*All gifts of $100, or more, will be distributed between a tax-deductible “Friend” membership (valued at $35) & a tax-deductible donation of the balance.

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