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Impact Story: Belted Kingfisher

“Cottonwood and willow plantings created important habitat for belted kingfishers on Granite Creek.” It was December and conditions were cold and wet. I was the ‘foreman’ on the job which meant, among other things, that I was the first one on site in the morning and the last one to leave in the afternoon/evening. This

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Success Story: Bluebird

Western Bluebirds find restored habitat before it is completed Wikimedia During the Watson Woods Riparian Preserve Restoration project, we had a plating effort going during the end of February. The particular week we were in the field it happened to be raining and snowing quite a bit so Preserve conditions were a bit challenging. We’d

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Monsoon Hydrology @ Watson Woods

The Monsoon Season has been kind to Watson Woods so far, providing much needed nourishment and moisture for our trees, wildlife, restoration areas, and the Creek! The changes have been dramatic:  Granite Creek (which was dry as recently as July 3rd) is not only flowing in its main channel but has overflowed into many “braided”

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Has It Really Sprung?

Every day I drive up Senator Hwy on my way home from the office and get to read the message on the old Senator Hwy Drive-In sign that was restored a year or so ago. You might have noticed it, too. The latest message is no doubt a quip on our frenetic spring weather. 80

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