Monsoon Hydrology @ Watson Woods

The Monsoon Season has been kind to Watson Woods so far, providing much needed nourishment and moisture for our trees, wildlife, restoration areas, and the Creek! The changes have been dramatic:  Granite Creek (which was dry as recently as July 3rd) is not only flowing in its main channel but has overflowed into many “braided” channels that have delivered water throughout the Preserve, creating extremely valuable seasonal wetlands and pools.

 To get an illustration on these “monsoon” conditions, take a look at the attached map (thanks to Amanda!)

  • The light green/dotted line represents the main channel of Granite Creek, and represents flows under “normal conditions.” 
  • Since the rains, however, Granite Creek has overflowed into many of the braided channels, illustrated by the dark blue lines
  • In addition, many of the low-lying areas and habitat along the creek have become either saturated or inundated with water, shown in the pink stripes or light blue areas

Seasonal wetlands and pools have a very high ecological value when compared to their size and period of time they are flooded.  They contain a variety of unique plants, invertebrates, and other organic material such as algae, fungi, and bacteria; all of which provide an important food source for insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals.  These animal species depend on seasonal wetlands and pools, whether they are migrating through the area, providing food for their young, or simply seeking relief from the hot summer sun.

Watson Woods is truly a wild place that is unique to the Prescott and is improving every season thanks to the help of our members, donors, and volunteers.  Please continue to help when you can, as new benefits to our watershed are being realized every day…We appreciate your support!


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