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Mental Health Relating to Nature: The Office Perspective

May is mental health awareness month. If you haven’t experienced mental health problems, definitely you know someone who has in your lifetime. I believe our outdoors can help our well-being not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. I can see it with my young daughters. Give them outdoor time and their demeanor is

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Back to Nature: The Office Perspective

Oh….how the frustration can creep in when you don’t even know it!  Have you ever had to re-do your address in your cell phone because it was lost or broke? Have you lost files on a computer during a crash or upgrade?   Our society loves technology as long as it is working properly.   I remember

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Shamrocks: The Office Perspective

The History of the Shamrock from www.finegardening.com  by Michelle Gervais Full of symbolism, this plant has mystical roots Shamrocks have been symbolic of many things over the years. According to legend, the shamrock was a sacred plant to the Druids of Ireland because its leaves formed a triad, and three was a mystical number in

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