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Back to Nature: The Office Perspective

Oh….how the frustration can creep in when you don’t even know it!  Have you ever had to re-do your address in your cell phone because it was lost or broke? Have you lost files on a computer during a crash or upgrade?   Our society loves technology as long as it is working properly.   I remember several times over the past ten years, feeling powerless to accomplish a day’s work when the power would go out in the office.  STRESS and FEAR of the deadlines!  Yes, I looked at my ability to use technology and to produce output defining me as a person.

At times of feeling helpless when our modern advances malfunction, I recommend going back to nature.   Remember the simple life!   Go outside for a walk.   BREATHE and ENJOY the serenity of nature.  Yes, let it remind you of your being in the natural environment.

Therefore, let the negativity of technology upsets go!   Tomorrow is a new day! And with our continued protection of the earth with intention, we know it will be there to remind us of what is most important in our lives.  Not only is conservation of enviornment the key, but the conservation of ourselves!

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