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Green Infrastructure – Location, Location, Location

Two sites were selected for implementing this project. These locations were chosen due to the need for water quality improvements, land ownership, access, and visibility. The Prescott Community Center is located on Rosser, upstream from Granite Creek and Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. Surrounding areas are likely to be built out over the next few years,

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Creating Meanders – How Green Infrastructure Works

‘Green Infrastructure’ is a broad term for features that rely on natural processes such as soil, water, and plants to provide ecosystem services such as a clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, and temperature regulation. The two Green Infrastructure (GI) projects are taking urban areas and rebuilding them to imitate the drainage and filtration that

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Green Infrastructure

Prescott Creeks, in coordination with the City of Prescott and funded by ADEQ, has been working on two recent projects to improve water quality in our creeks. These two projects, located at the Prescott Adult Centre and the corner of Whipple & Miller Valley, are examples of Green Infrastructure. But what is Green Infrastructure? The

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Green infrastructure’ project lets nature clean the runoff

Cindy BarksThe Daily Courier PRESCOTT – Colorful flowers, native shrubs, and rock-lined basins greet visitors to the Prescott Adult Center. Although attractive, the new landscaping at the building’s front entrance serves a purpose that goes well beyond aesthetics. The system of basins, trenches, and plants is being installed around the Rosser Street building with a goal

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