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Green Infrastructure – Location, Location, Location

Two sites were selected for implementing this project. These locations were chosen due to the need for water quality improvements, land ownership, access, and visibility. The Prescott Community Center is located on Rosser, upstream from Granite Creek and Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. Surrounding areas are likely to be built out over the next few years, causing more over-land flows that will increase flashy flows into the creeks, effecting erosion, sedimentation, and possibly nutrient and bacteria loads. The other location is an existing detention basin on Whipple Street, across from the hospital. This location already had flows directed to it, but was not being used adequately to slow or filter any pollutants.

The goal of these projects, and of choosing these locations, is to create native habitats of varying scales that will mimic natural ecosystem processes – vegetative, soil, and microbiological conditions under which infiltration and pollutant absorption can occur. This is being achieved by directing water through a series of “micro-basins,” which contain rock and a variety of native vegetation species, allowing pollutants to be absorbed and broken down by microbiological processes. These locations provided the opportunity for variety of scale and for impact with making a difference to the pollutants going into the creeks.

Additionally, these locations are owned by one of Prescott Creeks favorite partners, the City of Prescott. This allowed the projects to be situated in locations that could make this difference and eventually grow to be beautiful parts of the community that would bring attention to alternative methods of treating surface water.

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