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Image: Council Members Goode & Rusing walk Granite Creek contemplating improvements

Downtown Greenway Corridor

In a press release earlier this week, City of Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli referred to the Granite Creek Corridor as “One of the jewels of Prescott…” The area holds a long history and early planning for it in the 1980s was the impetus for incorporation of Prescott Creeks Preservation Association in 1990. The forming group

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Granite Creek Corridor

Many may not realize that Prescott Creeks was originally founded on a vision for Granite Creek in the downtown area of Prescott which has evolved into part of Prescott’s Greenways Trail System, a 1.5-mile network of trails that provides an alternative travel route and immersive nature-experience in the heart of Prescott. Over time, the Granite

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Mysterious Streamflow

In Watson Woods Riparian Preserve, Granite Creek, and wetlands like the one pictured above filled with groundwater after months of drought. After decent monsoon rains, this past fall and early winter brought essentially no measurable precipitation until January 9th, 2018. To those who pay close attention to seasonal shifts and the ecological response to weather,

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Dirt from the Field: January, 2011

Here’s wishing you all a great 2011!  I hope your holidays were great.  I also hope that last storm of 2010 didn’t cause a lot of problems for you. Since the last time I wrote, we’ve had some pretty significant weather.  The rains that came before, during, and after Christmas caused Granite Creek to flow

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