What Would Prescott Look Like With an Extra 31 Tons of Trash?

Every year during the Granite Creek Cleanup volunteers come out to remove trash and make Prescott a better place for everyone. Since 2007 approximately 31 Tons of trash have been removed by community members from our creeks, lakes, and trails around town. It sounds like a lot, because it is a lot. There is good news though, of those 31 Tons; in just the past two 3 ½  Tons have been upcycled into art or construction materials. The types of trash we see are also changing, and we think people are paying more attention to their creeks.

This is where you come in. Join community volunteers in making our area a better place for everyone at 9 am on Saturday, April 20th, at Granite Creek Park. Volunteers will spend two hours picking up trash along the nine creeks and two main lakes of the Upper Granite Creek Watershed.

Participants are asked to separate out the real trash from objects that can be made into art. Two different color bags will be provided to Cleanup participants to separate true-trash into black bags and potential-treasures into white bags. You can either then return to the park with your treasures to participate in an art project, or leave them in a separate pile near the trash to be retrieved by other volunteers.

To help support the Granite Creek Cleanup, Prescott Creeks is holding a raffle for four single-day Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure park hopper tickets, which will be drawn at the end of the Granite Creek Cleanup, and winner need not be present. These tickets allow four people a full day of entrance to both of the Disney parks and are good through 7/30/14. Raffle tickets $5 each, 3 raffle tickets for $10, or 6 raffle tickets for $20.

This year’s Cleanup is supported by area organizations and businesses. Dan Frank of Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield is the Primary Sponsor of the event, supporting his belief in a need for us all to recycle. Other sponsors include Fann Contracting, Fann Environmental, APS, Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy, the Yavapai Group of the Sierra Club, Unisource, Starbucks, True Value, New Frontiers, Trader Joe’s, Manzanita Outdoors, MadShirtz, Granite Mountain Brewing, the City of Prescott, and the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe.

Prescott Creeks is a nonprofit organization with the mission to achieve healthy watersheds and clean waters in central Arizona for the benefit of people and wildlife through protection, restoration, education and advocacy. For more information, or to pre-register (before 4/18 only) for the Granite Creek Cleanup, see www.PrescottCreeks.org.

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