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Volunteer Opportunity-Invasive Species Survey

–Last month I mentioned that Prescott Creeks is working on an invasive management plan for Watson Woods, being composed by Mari Echevarria for her senior project at Prescott College.  For the past few weeks, Mari and I have done a lot of work in the office and out at Watson Woods learning about 4 specific species-Scotch Thistle, Common Teasel, Spotted knapweed, and Dalmatian Toadflax-These are the plants that are currently giving us the most problems out at Watson Woods.

-Now that we know what threat they pose, we are starting to survey where these species are within Watson Woods, and we need help! If you, or anyone you know, are interested in helping out, we are conducting a survey next Thursday, November 10 from about 12-4pm, and will meet at the parking lot near the beginning of the Peavine Trail. The work involved is somewhat simple-identifying species within pre-designated locations and estimating the “percent cover” of each. So far we have commitments from Willie Sommers of the Arizona State Land Department and Bob Adams of the United States Department of Agriculture.

-If you are interested in volunteering and would like details, please call Ann-Marie or me here at the office at 928-445-5669, or by email; [email protected].

Hope to see you then!


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