Tsunami and Fill

From an article in the Courier:

“Fill,” a 9-by-13-foot concoction of chicken wire that resembled a dinosaur, caught the eyes of onlookers near the steps on the north side of the courthouse building. The chicken wire houses plastic containers and aluminum cans that Prescott Creeks volunteers collected during a creek cleanup for Earth Day in April.

“The purpose is to raise awareness of what people are throwing away,” said Prescott artist Juanita Hull-Carlson, who added that she collaborated on the artwork with her husband, Royce Carlson.

“She said, ‘Let’s make a dragon,'” Royce recalled. “I said, ‘How about a dinosaur?’

He said he spent four hours to make the frame, and volunteers used a row of chicken wire to put the “skin” on Fill. “I found this old mailbox and cut it in half” to make a mouth.

Carlson said he occasionally empties some of the plastic containers and aluminum cans at recycling centers to create more room for Fill’s visits to schools. Fill’s appearance at Tsunami drew more attention to the cause.

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