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The Granite Dells

Imagine. The old Granite Dells Resort. Smack dab in the heart of the Granite Dells, surrounding Granite Creek. Undoubtedly, it is one of Prescott’s natural and historic gems. Nestled between Watson and Willow Lakes, the 83-acre property is at the center of Prescott’s new Lake-to-lake Trail system currently being built by the Over the Hill Gang. It is the ideal hub for a network of trails, shady picnic sites along Granite Creek, and numerous other recreational uses throughout the Dells. Much of this activity is currently on City-owned property in the area. This 83-acre, easy-access parcel is the keystone that connects everything between the lakes, Watson Woods Riparian Preserve, the Peavine Trail, Glassford Hill, the City of Prescott, the Town of Prescott Valley and the Town of Chino Valley. When secured by the City, it could be the center of a regional park and an environmental education center that will draw visitors from around the area, state, and country. In other communities, such natural-area parks, like Sedona’s Red Rocks, have proven to stimulate economic development, provide employment, and offer education and recreation for locals and tourists alike. A legacy to be shared by this generation of community leaders and elected officials, the purchase of this property will be a landmark decision for this and future generations.

The Courier has recently run a series of articles on the Granite Dells Resort, the final one is attached here to give a background and overview of this unique property and opportunity.


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