The Creek Care Guide is (almost) here!

After more than six months of work and many more months of thought and planning, Creek Care: Your Stewardship Guide to the Granite Creek Watershed is complete! Many have dreamt of such a guide for years, so we’re pleased that its development came about through the collaborative Watershed Improvement Planning project funded by ADEQ. The guide is an education and outreach tool to address nonpoint source pollution in the watershed.

Improving water quality in our creeks and lakes is no simple task. The Upper Granite Creek Watershed has a complex mix of land uses, multiple jurisdictions, and urban area. With approximately 1,500 private property owners along Granite Creek and its main tributaries, educating and empowering residents to play a role in caring for our creeks and riparian areas may be the most critical element to the long-term improvement of surface water quality.

The guide outlines basic practices that homes and businesses can implement to protect our local creeks and lakes from water pollution. It covers topics such as: Creek Stewardship; Storm Sewer vs. Sanitary Sewer; Pollution Pathways; Yard and Pasture Maintenance; Drainage; Erosion Prevention; Streambanks, Riparian Areas, and Native Vegetation; Septic Maintenance; and Local Codes, Ordinances, and Permitting. The guide is a small booklet, full color, glossy, and features the lovely photographs of local photographer and naturalist, Walt Anderson.

With additional contributions from the City of Prescott, 25,000 guides are being printed. 15,000 will land in mailboxes – maybe yours will be among them! If not, we’ll have the guides available around town. And, as always, feel free to stop by the Prescott Creeks office to say hello and pick one up.

Happy Holidays

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