Tailored Communication: The Office Perspective

What is your preferred method of communication?

I read an interesting article on”Generational” communication styles and preferences in TechTeachToo a web resource, Different Generations have Different Communication Styles and Different Tools by Dave, June 22, 1010.   See the chart below for a brief description.



Face to face communication
Formal typed or hand-written letters
Cell phones
(most use cell phones for emergency only)
Social networking sites
Baby Boomers
Face to face
E-mail (and a lot of it!)
Group/team meetings
(and a lot of them!)
Cell phones for talking
(not necessarily for texting)
Social networking sites
Gen X
Let “me” choose my communication and how often I do it
Cell phone
Instant message
Online forums
Face to face communication
Formal letter writing
Team discussions
(better one on one or alone)
Difficulty with communicating up or down a generation
Some barriers with social networks
Gen Y
Online social networks
E-mail (but only for work or school) Instant message
Face to face conversations
Telephone conversations
Professional or even casual letter writing (what’s that?)

It made me ponder….do I fall into a category of generational communication or am I a combination? I’m definitely a combination, an “odd duck.” I also realized sometimes I assume others like information the way I like it, which is a huge mistake. So I raise the question, “How can I help tailor my communication to meet the needs of Prescott Creeks’ supporters, volunteers and friends?”

As a conscientious organization, Prescott Creeks, wants to accommodate your desires for communication. Currently, we utilize e-mail, Facebook, our website, and bi-annual mailings to try and share valuable information pertaining to our Central AZ Watershed. We want your feedback on our communication! In the next couple months you may see a survey come across your purview to find out your preferences and update your contact information. Not only by accommodating your needs and having accurate information to find you, we will be able to better assess our communication costs. As an example, if you prefer on-line news, we can reduce the cost of printing larger quantities of our paper newsletter that is mailed twice a year. A win/win situation!

Tailored Communication

1)    Do you prefer our newsletter on-line or mail?

2)    Do you like to be notified by phone or e-mail about upcoming events?

3)    Do you use Facebook?  Twitter?  Other?

4)    What is your updated contact information?  Has your e-mail or phone number changed recently?

5)    Have you updated your volunteer profile lately?

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing…Rollo May

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