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Market-Based Programs for Watershed Improvement Double Globally

Ecosystem Marketplace‘s recent report “Charting New Waters: State of Watershed Payments 2012” shows that the use of these innovative market-based strategies for watershed protection and restoration have doubled globally since 2008. Circle of Blue reports that there are “205 active payment programs operating in 29 countries in 2011, up from 103 programs three years earlier.

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Investing in Nature Makes Sen$e

We know that gray infrastructure is critical to economic development and prosperity, but don’t necessary think that natural ecosystems (“green” infrastructure) are equally important to that end. World Resources Institute released a report earlier this year called “Green vs. Gray Infrastructure: When Nature is Better than Concrete” that details the costs and benefits of green infrastructure as

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Community Brainstorming Workshop

Granite Creek Watershed Improvement Planning Community Brainstorming Workshop Thursday, May 31st 4:00pm-5:30pm Prescott Public Library Founders Suite Who better to determine a community’s future than its residents? With 2.5 years of Watershed Improvement Planning completed, the Granite Creek Watershed Improvement Council is now looking to the future of the watershed and wants to hear from

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Venturing into the World of Ecosystem Services

Earlier this month, Jim Pittman, Director of Sustainability at Prescott College, led the Watershed Improvement Council in a discussion about ecosystem services in the Upper Granite Creek Watershed. Ecosystem services is a term that may be unfamiliar, but describes something we all know: that properly functioning natural ecosystems provide a host of ammenities, both tangible

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It Takes Community to Fix a Watershed

Prescott Creeks recently had the opportunity to visit with representatives from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For the past five years, Prescott Creeks has been working closely with several ADEQ Programs. Our main link to the agency is the Water Quality Improvement Grants program which is

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Who pooped in Granite Creek?

They say that in order to solve a problem, you must first admit that the problem exists. So, here it is: in Prescott, our local creeks and lakes have water quality problems. Some deny it, reasoning that talking about it might scare the tourists away. I say that is poppycock! We all need to be

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