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Creek Health

Public Bathroom to Improve Creeks & Community   Downtown Prescott features multiple flowing creeks. However, the surface water quality of those creeks has been listed as “impaired” (polluted) for well over a decade. Miller Creek was targeted by local stakeholders for a water quality improvement project. Prescott Creeks brought together the Coalition for Compassion and

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Gone to the Dogs

Above: Golden retriever Kenna and her handler Laura Symonds of Environmental Canine Services, LLC. take a break from water quality monitoring on Miller Creek. ADEQ, the University of Arizona, Prescott Creeks, and the Butte Creek Restoration Council teamed up to investigate potential pollutant sources with the help of Kenna’s sensitive nose.        

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Bathrooms for Water Quality

In 2016 the Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) started the Stagger Straight Community Emergency Shelter on Miller Creek near the Dexter neighborhood. When CCJ moved in, they recognized the significance of having the creek in their back yard and asked Prescott Creeks to come talk with their clients about riparian systems and water quality

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