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Down in the Weeds

Spring is here, migrating birds are back, butterflies are out and about, flowers are in bloom, a lot is going on. To most this is an exciting time to be outside and explore our natural gems. For Prescott Creeks staff and volunteers it is also time to roll up our sleeves and engage in management of invasive

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Invasive Weed Control Project

This April, Prescott Creeks is launching a project to control invasive weeds in the Granite Creek Watershed and we need your help! Not sure what an invasive weed is? Invasive weeds are plants that (1) are not native to the US and (2) are a harm to human health, or cause economic or environmental harm. 

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Venturing into the World of Ecosystem Services

Earlier this month, Jim Pittman, Director of Sustainability at Prescott College, led the Watershed Improvement Council in a discussion about ecosystem services in the Upper Granite Creek Watershed. Ecosystem services is a term that may be unfamiliar, but describes something we all know: that properly functioning natural ecosystems provide a host of ammenities, both tangible

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