“Shift Your Gift” to Prescott Creeks: The Office Perspective

Thinking of what you want this holiday season? Or, are you trying to decide what to give your mother-in-law in three weeks?   Sometimes it is hard to think of something you need or want.  How often do you buy your “go to present” for someone because you don’t know what to give?  In my case, my “go to gift” is a smelly candle.  How many candles does one person need?  And, if I give it… many others out there give candles not knowing what else to give?

“Shift Your Gift” makes it so easy to create a wish list of giving to non-profits in your honor. Instead of another sweater (one too many), a box of chocolates (not good for the waistline), or yes, even the smelly candle (the “go to gift”), I can have friends and family donate to a cause which is meaningful to me for me.

“Shift Your Gift” gives 4 beautiful reasons to shift your gift.

  1. Shift gifts you don’t need into funds the world truly needs!
  2. Your friends won’t have to slog through malls finding stuff you don’t want!
  3. Your friends get a tax deduction!
  4. The environment loves you for not using gas, packaging and wrapping paper!

I can think of 4 beautiful reasons to direct a gift to Prescott Creeks.

  1. Water:   Protecting the watershed
  2. Life:  Restoring riparian habitats for wildlife big and small
  3. Education:  Sharing the how we affect our community in nature
  4. You:  You are Prescott Creeks; We are Prescott Creeks

I encourage you to go to “Shift Your Gift-Prescott Creeks” and create an occasion for gift giving.

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