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New Staff

We are pleased to announce that Deb Pastor came on board as Development and Communications Manager for Prescott Creeks. You may remember Deb from the Granite Creek Cleanup in 2019. She did such a great job for Prescott Creeks that we’ve brought her on in a full-time capacity to help generate additional support for all the mission-related work of the organization. She’ll be working with the community to connect available resources with needs identified by the Prescott Creeks Board and Staff.

In addition to coordinating the Cleanup last year, Deb has volunteered for many years with Prescott Creeks, and with a variety of other nonprofits in our community. She’s focused on water-related organizations in Yavapai County. As a CWAG member, Deb produced the educational panel/audience discussion as part of the Groundwater Management Act film which showed at the Elks Theater.

During her career, Deb has created, designed, managed, and organized collaborations in film, theater, music, the art & business worlds, photographing all of it. We’re excited for her to bring these talents to the creeks. Deb’s most recent successes include the 2019 Granite Creek Cleanup and the well attended 2019 Skull Valley Loop Challenge.

Contact Deb by email at, or by phone at (928) 445-5669 x102.

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