Trash into Art

Our Biggest Granite Creek Cleanup Yet!

Thank you to the over 500 people came out to help clean our area creeks and lakes!

Final number: 10 tons (yep, that’s right) of trash

Of that, approximately 3 tons was upcycled into art. And the City recycled everything they could.

Making out area a nicer place one piece of trash removed at a time. Thank you to all the participants and sponsors.

Join us next year on Saturday, April 21st for the 2012 Granite Creek Cleanup.

For those of you interested in participating in the recycled art show and auction, pieces need to be submitted to the Prescott Creeks office by July 1, 2011. They will then be reviewed by a selection committee.

After seeing the variety of art created during the Cleanup, we are very excited to see the final pieces.

The show details are still coming together.  However, the auction will be held September 18th from 4—7 pm at the Granite Dells Resort.



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