Making a Difference

You might pick up trash while walking your favorite trail, or pull a tire out of the creek. Maybe you recycle (we hope so), or feed the birds you like watching through your kitchen window. Maybe you purchase native species locally to plant in your yard – and then water them with rain captured from your roof-top.

I appreciate and applaud these and similar efforts; they make a difference now and for future generations. You have made an investment.

I’d like to invite you to strengthen this investment
by becoming a member of Prescott Creeks.

One of central Arizona’s most important assets is its natural beauty – supported by healthy natural areas. Prescott Creeks is working to protect and enhance them.

Becoming a Prescott Creeks member demonstrates your commitment to make a difference for the long term. With your ongoing membership dues, you make a difference to the wildlife at Watson Woods Riparian Preserve; you make a difference to understanding how the pollution got in our waterways and in how to clean them up. Your membership makes a difference to families, children and students by providing them with protected areas and clean water.

Prescott recently revised its membership program with seven new member levels. Each level is designed to let you select your desired level of annual support and involvement. And, if once a year just isn’t enough for you, there is an option for a Sustaining Membership where you can contribute monthly. You choose and central Arizona benefits.

Here is what you can do: JOIN TODAY…and we’ll send you a special sticker.

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