Report Large Debris

Sometimes certain items are just too hard to collect during the Cleanup Event

On your mobile device click the button below to report large debris that you find but cannot collect during the Cleanup. We’ll get the information and route it to the proper authority for follow up.

Tips for Reporting Large Debris

  • Use your newer mobile device
    (We found that the reporting tool did NOT work older phones (like iPhone SE (2016) and iPhone 6 would did not work)

  • Be sure that Location Sharing is turned on for the web-browser App on your device (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Become familiar with the splash screen image. Purple and gray banners decode the buttons for:

  • Accessing the legend
  • Changing the base map
  • Filtering by Cleanup Location
  •  Reporting Large Debris

Click on the Red rectangle to be directed to the Reporting form

On the Large Debris Report form:
  • Tell us who you are and where you are
  • Mark your location on the map, tells us the type of large item, and upload a photo
  • Tells us what else you notice about the location

Click submit and you’re done.


Thanks to our Operational Partner
– Yavapai County GIS Department –
for putting this together!

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