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Invest to Protect Nature

Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting Prescott Creeks! You are doing your part by protecting threatened riparian areas, restoring important wildlife habitats, controlling pollution, and improving water quality in the Granite Creek Watershed.

Your contributions are essential to major construction, water, and research projects which require grants and contracts. Often, half a project’s value must come from matching sources – like public support from people like you. These projects are designed to create healthy ecosystems to ensure enough clean water, protect nature, conserve wildlife, and control pollution. They also provide recreational opportunities and a tranquil break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – things every community needs. Volunteer time and especially your cash contributions are essential to these projects and their ongoing management, maintenance, and monitoring so that they can remain safe and healthy resources.

This year your support helped…

  • Volunteers invest over 3,000 hours of their time to collect trash as part of the annual Granite Creek Cleanup, plant native trees (velvet ash and Arizona walnut), remove non-native species (including Scotch thistle, salt-cedar, Siberian elm, tree of heaven, common teasel, big periwinkle, and American bullfrogs), and monitor wildlife (including common black hawks, American kestrels, and wood ducks).
  • People attend tours exploring the natural and human history of local riparian areas. Participants and partners included residents and visitors, other not-for-profit groups, school groups of all levels, as well as life-long learners. We invite you to join us for an upcoming tour!
  • Make major and exciting achievements with partners. The Granite Creek Revitalization project in downtown Prescott was completed. The Granite Creek Trail Mural is nearly complete. The La Guardia Bridge Mural was completed. Glassford Hill was purchased as a step toward creating the Granite Dells Regional Park and Preserve. And, plans to preserve Del Rio Springs Ranch as part of a State Park are taking shape.

Your donation to Prescott Creeks is an investment to protect nature and clean water for future generations.

In the coming year, your support is essential to continue working together with community partners to achieve the Prescott Creeks mission of healthy watersheds and clean waters in central Arizona. While Watson Woods Riparian Preserve will celebrate its 29th anniversary in 2024 – it is only a ‘Preserve’ through a 25-year lease with the City of Prescott. The City and Prescott Creeks are planning ahead to forever protect the riparian forest, its wildlife, and ecosystem services through a conservation easement.

You can help! With your gift Prescott Creeks plans to secure $26,000 to support the ambitious efforts described here. Your
tax-deductible donations can be made securely on the Donate page of the Prescott Creeks website.


Michael Byrd
Executive Director


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