Invasive Species!

Invasive species are a BIG problem.  The United Nations has stated invasive species are second only to direct habitat destruction as the greatest threat to decreasing global ecological diversity.

The EPA defines them as species that are non-native to an ecosystem and cause harm to the economy, environment, or human health.  Invasive species or “alien species” can be plants, animals, or other organisms, and unfortunately, they are primarily caused by human actions.  In the US, many of these species can from Eurasia, but some can be natives in one part of the country but serious pests in another part.

In the Granite Creek Watershed, Prescott Creeks considers the control and management of invasive species a top priority, particularly invasive vegetation.

  • In Watson Woods, we have partnered with the Yavapai Weed Management Area (YWMA) on a 3-year management program on a 30-acre “test plot,” where we are concentrating efforts on 2 individual species, Spotted Knapweed and Scotch Thistle.
  • Through the Granite Creek Watershed Improvement Council and as part of our Watershed Improvement Plan, we are planning to implement several projects within the next 1-2 years to control invasive species in urban riparian zones such as Granite Creek Park, Cliff Rose, and areas along Aspen Creek.

To supplement these active control measures, we always strive to provide training and resources to anyone/everyone who is interested in taking on invasive species on our own.  If you are interested in participating in our many volunteer events or workshops, please stay in touch with us via our website or Facebook page.

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