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Improving User’s Experience to Help Watersheds

A fragile website was unacceptable because Prescott Creeks is devoted to delivering up to date content, events, and other information that people need, at the time they need it. Sound familiar? That is what a good website always does. But what could they do?

How Prescott Creeks Partnered With Local Web Design Company to Bring a Better User Experience to its Users and Improve Their Abilities to Help Watersheds.

Google is one of the largest corporations in the world, valued at over $632 billion. That’s BILLION, with a B! Although there may be many branches to what Google does, the main reason they are successful is simple. Google provides people with the information they need at the time they need it. That is what a search engine does.

Ok, so What Does That Concept Have to do With Prescott Creeks?

It all started a few months ago. During their day-to-day operations at Prescott Creeks, the crew noticed individual donor, volunteer, and constituent needs weren’t being met with their current website setup. There were multiple dead ends, broken content, the end-user experience was lacking in ease, and the website coding made the website very fragile. Any adjustment could set off an avalanche of events that caused the website to become completely unusable, bringing up giant error messages. 

A fragile website was unacceptable because Prescott Creeks is devoted to delivering up to date content, events, and other information that people need, at the time they need it. Sound familiar? That is what a good website always does. But what could they do? They had been left high and dry by a couple of developers and didn’t know how they could find somebody to help them fix their problems.

That was when Deb Pastor approached me at an in-person networking meeting (pre-covid) and explained some of the struggles they were facing with their website. I told Deb that we had spent years and thousands of dollars out of our pockets to learn how to build websites that create memorable customer-centric experiences. People would want to visit the website, learn about everything Prescott Creeks is doing for our community, and donate to help their cause.

They knew that choosing somebody to help out with their website can be risky, but they were committed to providing value to their clients no matter what it took.

What Action did Prescott Creeks Take to Fix The Problem?

After meeting with Deb and Michael Byrd (executive director of Prescott Creeks) to determine a game plan of how exactly to tackle these customer experience and glitchy website issues, we came to an agreement, set some goals, and got to work.

Prescott Creeks worked hand in hand with Goliath Creations to rebuild their website from scratch, with the end user’s experience in mind. We brought over the valuable content from the old website to the new site to serve the community with the information they needed.

Months of planning went into the design aspects of the website build to provide the best user experience possible so that the local community could get the information they needed at the right time. Thought was given to the website’s flow to improve the journey that website users travel when navigating through the website. This aids them in finding the information they’re searching for.

It’s Never Easy, is it?

There were numerous setbacks along the way, and it wasn’t an easy process. With a mix of old content moving to the new website, some issues with website plugins made our work challenging. Plugins are tiny bits of software that allow websites to do specific things. For example, some plugins enable online payments, images to expand, or forms to be submitted. Some of the plugins being used on the previous site needed to go altogether. Others needed to be updated or swapped for different ones to better accomplish the task at hand.

Then It Hit!

During the build, Covid hit and threw all of us for a loop. We all had to take severe precautions to stay safe. We started moving our meetings to Zoom so that we could continue to collaborate and get the site built in a way that accomplished our shared goals of making the user’s experience easy and amazing.

After a few long months, hours of back and forth changes, content migration from the old site to the new, and a few Zoom meetings, we finally hit the point where we believe we had achieved our collective goals, even during Covid shutdowns.

What were the Results?

The site had a completely new look and flow. The modern look and design of the website improved the user’s experience drastically as we can see from flow analytics (like the above picture). Best of all, gone were the days of being afraid to make any minor tweaks to the site without breaking the site completely due to outdated coding and plugins.

Users are now easily able to navigate and find the links to information they are looking for, and for those generous enough to donate help or resources to the cause, it’s much easier to navigate your way to the giant color coded donation tabs.

How can I Find out More?

If you believe your business is struggling to generate website traffic or conversions (sales, signups, etc.) through your website, we would love to offer you a free website evaluation to determine the root cause of your problems. Your website evaluation is completely free and there is no obligation to purchase anything. 

We would love to help you find out how you can make adjustments to make more sales and improve your user’s experience.

Please email or text us using the contact information below to get started.

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