I’m Not A Fast CHEETAH: The Office Perspective

When I run, I consider myself barely running!   I’m not fast, nor am I consistent in my stride.  In fact, I’m the perfect fast walker with a burst of running now and then.

Why do I run/walk a race every month?  It provides me to be a CHEETAH regardless of my speed and to relate to my environment, which is similar to the goal of Prescott Creeks.   The Run for Prescott Creeks raises awareness to connect people to their creeks, trails, and open space giving them a better sense of place.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to participate in the 3rd Annual Run for the Creeks!

Beauty – viewing the historic Peavine Trail and Iron King Trail is a beautiful scene to behold

The Gift of Giving – paying the registration is a gift to help protect and preserve our creeks

Sunshine – getting a bright dose of sun for some natural vitamin D

Energy and Restful Sleep– running on the trail gives me energy for the rest of the day and gives me a sweet dreams

The Burn – burning the calories is a benefit before I’m given too many Halloween treats

Friendships – interacting with new and old friends from our community

Goals – fulfilling my goals for a healthy lifestyle

Heart and Bones – pumping my heart and strengthening my bones “does the body good”

Style – adding a cool new stylish Prescott Creeks shirt to my wardrobe

Happy Brain – running combats depression, adds sharp thinking and helps with memory loss leaving me with a happy brain

See you at the race this Saturday!

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