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Growing Pains (looking a little rough)



Sometimes, as we develop native vegetation projects that will eventually help to clean our waters and provide beautiful habitat, there’s a sort of growing-out phase. It’s a little like growing out a hair cut (like those too-short bangs from junior high) and there’s a point where you can see it’s going to look good, if you can just leave it alone. Our basin projects are like that at the moment; ground that has been disturbed is an easy place for weeds to grown in. We are actively working with volunteer groups to remove the weeds and give the native grasses an opportunity to grow in and grow up.


Green Infrastructure projects, like the ones at the Prescott Adult Center and the Whipple Street basin, go through this awkward phase. They are designed to mimic the natural systems that use native riparian habitats to slow and filter surface water, particularly those coming off of street and parking lots, before they enter our creeks. Since many of our creeks are challenged and not meeting their minimum water quality standards, projects of this type are very important to improving the health of our creeks and lakes.

It may be a little rough looking for a bit, but if you let us grow through this phase, these projects are going to be beautiful little pieces that make our community a better place for everyone.

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