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“Gratitude to Water”: The Office Perspective

Years ago, I watched the movie “Down the Rabbit Hole:  What the Bleep Do We Know ©2006” with my book club.  The movie describes the spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness.   One example, in the movie focuses on using intention and gratitude towards water in our daily lives.  Beautiful water crystals occur when kind words are read or classic music is played, according to water experimentations by Japanese author, Masaru Emoto.  His experimentations, are somewhat controversial with some in the scientific community, but inspire me regardless to consider my own regard to water in my daily life and the positive/negative projections I may give to my community.  Click to see exert from the film.

Do I truly appreciate water in my life?  How do I show gratitude?    Many times, I take water for granted.  Drinking 8 glasses of clean water daily; feeling hot water on my tired body after a long day; washing my family’s clothes in the convenience of my home; running barefoot on the fresh green grass at a local park……how much water is in my life!!!!

This New Year, I want to influence and appreciate the water in my life with an intention of loving gratitude.  As an example, I want to take the time to feel the rain drops on my head, take an active role in creek preservation in my community, and bless my water before I drink.  All in knowing that water is life, my life.

As Thich Naht Hanh said, “Water flows from high in the mountains; water runs deep in the Earth.  Miraculously, water comes to us, & sustains all life.”

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