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From Creek Trash to Art

The deadline for art submissions is coming up fast – Friday, August 3rd.

In the past five years of Prescott Creeks organizing the annual Granite Creek Clean-up we have seen consistently large amounts of trash removed from our creeks and lakes. This year we volunteers separated true-trash from potential upcycle-able art materials.

The art will then be displayed as part of a community exhibit, culminating in an art auction and wine-tasting event; One Man’s Treasure on September 23rd at the Granite Dells Resort.

Our goal is to create recognition (or awareness) and conversation in our community about the amount and type of trash that is ending up in the local system of creeks and lakes.

This show is an educational outreach to benefit and support the conservation and community educational activities of Prescott Creeks. the art will bring attention to the types and amount of trash found in our creeks and lakes, and promote recycling and resource conservation.

We look forward to your art submissions, or to seeing you at One Man’s Treasure.


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