Dirt from the Field: November, 2010

What a fantastic start to November this has been! The weather has been sunny and warm and the trees in the woods are golden. I don’t seem to ever get used to that golden color against the blue sky. I recommend taking a hike in Watson Woods before it gets cold and the trees are bare.

Since my last post, Colin and I have been doing all the stuff I told you about to get ready for this year’s harvest. That means I’ve been wandering Watson Woods looking for suitable donor trees that we (read “volunteers”) can take cuttings from, taking GPS readings so we can get back to them, and adding up the estimates of how many cuttings can be taken.
When I got to a total of 2,694, I stopped! That number should cover the number of cuttings of the various species that the design calls for. By the way, we are using six different species of trees because of their ability to root and grow from a cutting or, in nature, from a broken branch that falls in the water.
Those species are: Arroyo, Coyote, and Red Willows, and Fremont, Hinckley and Narrow Leaf Cottonwoods. Each species will be planted in areas that are suitable to their growth habits.

The first week of harvest went well. We had a great group of volunteers that put in about 80 total hours and we got all of the tree species (cottonwood and red willows) cut and into water for soaking.
Today the Fann company starts the construction, and in some areas reconstruction of the final phase of the Watson Woods restoration! As you visit the woods over the next six weeks, be aware the there are big machines moving earth out there. Please BE CAREFUL!

We still have LOTS of willows to cut and we could use more volunteers to help. If a day in the woods sounds like a good thing, check out our listing of upcoming events or give Ann-Marie a call (928-445-5669) and volunteer to join in the harvest. It’s a good way to get outside and get a dose of nature while the weather is still mild.

Next month…PLANTING!

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