Bruce Mckeeman

Bruce D. McKeeman retired in 2006 after 36 years with the National Park Service including 26 years in law enforcement and emergency services and 10 years in management. Mr. McKeeman was born and raised in Massachusetts and Ohio. He graduated from Marietta College, Ohio with a Bachelors degree in Biology and from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources with a Bachelors degree in Forestry and a minor in Recreation Management. He worked in 12 National Park Service sites in 10 states which included large natural areas, historic and archeological sites. He had details to 2 regional offices and 2 foreign assignments in Georgia and Jordan. Since his retirement, he worked on open space issues in Prescott and enjoys photography, hiking and travel. He is married to Georjean (Bender) and they have two grown children and 2 grandchildren.

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