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Bald Eagles at Watson Lake

In December and early in the new year, Bald Eagles have been observed at Watson Lake. Eric Moore, of The Lookout, wrote in his January 4th Daily Courier column:

“Last month, one of our customers captured some still shots of an eagle carrying a stick as it circled above a large cottonwood tree where its presumed mate was perched. When the eagle landed, it presented the stick to its mate. Whether this pair will actually build a nest in Watson Woods is not known, but it would certainly be historic as there are no known nesting records for Bald Eagles at this location.”

Prescott Creeks is excited about the possibility of nesting eagles within the Watson Woods Riparian Preserve (see above). Arizona Game and Fish Department personnel commented that a nest could be built within a week’s time. Sometimes a nest is built and the eagles then move on.

As Moore notes, this area would be a new location for Bald Eagle nesting. Selection of this location for a nest could be interpreted as a success story of recent conservation and restoration efforts carried out by the City of Prescott and Prescott Creeks.

Prescott Creeks will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as relevant.

📷 Jeff Logan
📷 Jeff Logan

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