A Thank You to Our Volunteers and Supporters

Thank you to all of you who support our work at Prescott Creeks!

We value your time, energy, donations, and kind words more than you know. Our goal is to do good, and we literally couldn’t do that without you.

As an example, over the past two months volunteers have been working on the restoration and replanting of Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. During this time there has been harvesting, seeding, planting, bank revetments, and a variety of tasks important to having Watson woods eventually function as a sustaining riparian habitat that help with water quality.

Volunteers came from both our local area, as well as from Belgium, Germany, Korea, and the UK. More information on these volunteers from afar can be found in our Field Projects Coordinator, Jay Crocker’s blog, Dirt from the Field. Volunteers ranged in age from teenagers to 87 years old. Some volunteers came out for a week straight and other spent a few hours. All were immensely valuable to the work.

In two months at Watson Woods there were a total of 1,013 volunteer hours. There’s a lot of sweat equity in those trees. But that volunteer loabor has an economic value to the project, and to our area. Independent Sector‘s most recent figures list the value of volunteer labor at $20.85 hour. That’s a value of $21,121.

That’s a whole lot of funds that we didn’t have to raise to help in the Watson Woods restoration. Thank you!

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.  ~Sherry Anderson


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