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Rain Garden Update

The new green infrastructure rain garden continues to take shape at the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center. Thanks to the City of Prescott Streets and Parks and Recreation Departments, construction got underway with the excavation of the rain garden’s main basins. Since then, with the help of volunteers the garden’s many interconnected basins that will slow rainwater and support plants have been graded and rocked. Approximately 100 plants have already been planted thanks to volunteers. We’ve chosen to plant a wide variety of native plants as well as several fruit trees and berry bushes to help visitors imagine what exciting potential their own yards might have for rain gardens and tasty plants. We still have more work to do with some 150 plants still waiting to find their home in the garden. So if you have a green thumb or like digging holes get in touch with Ann-Marie to hear more about how you could help.


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