Education and Outreach

Education is an important and effective part of improving water quality and habitat. As part of our educational outreach, Prescott Creeks speaks to organizations and groups throughout the region, and provides opportunities for community members to be involved in hands-on meaningful educational activities throughout the watershed.

Some of the recent educational opportunities have included:_MG_0041 (Large)-300x450

  • Watershed Improvement Project
    1. Citizen-representatives to the Watershed Improvement Council
    2. Water Quality Monitoring
    3. Watershed Field Surveying
  • Watson Woods Riparian Preserve
    1. Planting riparian trees and native vegetation
    2. Invasive plant removal
  • Granite Creek Cleanup
    1. Removing trash from the riparian habitat that is harmful to native riparian wildlife and vegetation
  • Our newest educational tool – the Rambling River. This interactive, watershed model can demonstrate various functions of a watershed or creek, including meandering, deposition, and flooding.

All of these activities will give you insight into the water quality and habitat of the watershed, including a better understanding of the water quality in the creeks and lakes in the watershed, potential pollution sources, and projects that improve water quality and provide valuable habitat.

Please contact Prescott Creeks to become more rr-demo_wetlands-01-300x199involved in watershed projects or to have one of our highly-trained staff speak to your organization about watershed.