Community Center Rain Garden Nearing Completion!

Thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours from Decision Point, Yavapai Exceptional Industries, Oasis, and Southwest Youth Conference of UCC, construction of the new rain garden at the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center is nearing its final phases!  Temporary irrigation has been installed to help the 350+ plants get established for their first few years.  Many plants are already having a growth spurt and hinting at how beautiful the rain garden will be one day.  Although we are getting close to completion, we still have some finishing touches to do on the pathway through the rain garden and we have a mix of native plant seed waiting  to be spread when the monsoon rains arrive.   Oh, and we hope to have the 3,000 gallon rain water cistern soon!  If you’d like to help spread seed or put any finishing touches on the rain garden get in touch with us!

With that I’d like to share the picture of the green infrastructure parking lot island at the community center.  Yesterday, volunteers from Decision Point planted all the plants and placed rock on the slopes of the basin.  We made a curb cut to let runoff from the parking lot flow into the parking lot island and give the plants a drink instead of the gutter.

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