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Coming Soon to a Basin Near You

Two projects have been funded by Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to implement Green Infrastructure in cooperation with the City of Prescott. The projects will create Green Infrastructure in urban areas that imitates the drainage and filtration that happens in nature; by preserving natural systems and using engineered systems more natural forms of filtration and absorption are reintroduced to the largely impervious urban landscape. Green Infrastructure will also moderate stream flows and flooding, reduce infiltration and overloading to the sewer infrastructure, help with water conservation, and provide habitat while creating attractive green spaces within the urban environment.

Working closely with the City, and Barnabas Kane, these two projects will slow and filter flows in their area. One basin is at the corner of Whipple and Miller Valley. It drains to the North Fork of Granite Creek, and into Granite Creeks. The other is at the Prescott Adult Center. That area drains to Watson Woods and Granite Creeks. The ones at the Adult Center will also include a workshop on creating rain gardens next Spring.

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