2021 Stage I Fire Restrictions

It’s that time of year again where we all start thinking about wildfires! 

On Friday May 14th, the Prescott Fire Department (and much of Northern Arizona) implemented Stage 1 fire restrictions. 

The main restrictions as they relate to our local creeks and lakes are:

  • NO smoking outside of vehicles, outside of residential yards, or outside of designated
    smoking areas.
  • NO outdoor use of firearms.

Interestingly Prescott Creeks seems to have too much familiarity with wildfire. Watson Woods Riparian Preserve experienced a wildfire in 1997 that was the result of a cigarette butt carelessly tossed into a pile of cardboard. That fire burned nearly 30% of the Preserve. Since then the area has experienced at least three other fires of various sizes and intensities.

Please adhere to the Stage 1 fire restrictions to protect public health by reducing the number of preventable human-caused wildfires. This also protects wildlife and riparian habitats like those at Watson Woods Riparian Preserve.

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